January 24, 2017

What To Do // Tulum Ruins

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When I went to Tulum, Mexico, I just knew that my friends and I had to go! Located on the Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum is one of the best preserved Mayan sites along the coast of Mexico. The site was only a couple minutes away from our hotel, but we wanted to make a day of it, so we booked a day trip with Go Natural Explorers.

The trip we went on with Go Natural Explorers was called Tulum Akumal Snorkelling & Cenote which covered not only the Tulum Ruins but also snorkeling in the Akumal and swimming in an underground Cenote. Going to the Tulum ruins, I knew that it would be gorgeous because of the backdrop being the Caribbean, but once I saw it, it exceeded my expectations.

We had a guided tour of the ruins that lasted approximately 45 minutes, and after that, we had the chance to explore the ruins for ourselves for about an hour and a half. Once we had made our way back to the car, it took us to snorkeling in the Akumal. While snorkeling we had a chance to see a variety of fish as well as many turtles. Snorkeling lasted around an hour; then we headed to our final destination of the cenote. Before we swam at the cenote, a traditional Mexican lunch was provided to us in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary. The cenote was a nice change of pace after the heat of the day. I had never been in an underground cenote or a cenote in general, so being able to swim was an enjoyable experience.

What To Bring: As we were there in July, it was sweltering! To prevent any sunburn, I wore a long sleeve breezy top paired with Lululemon shorts. As this was a full day out, I wore a swimsuit underneath my outfit as we were going swimming, but I also had a bag with sunscreen, a towel, an extra phone battery, and flipflops.

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13 thoughts on “What To Do // Tulum Ruins

  1. I went to Tulum last year and we ran out of time before seeing the ruins so seeing this really makes me regret not going! I loved the cenotes of Tulum how clear and pretty they were. Great advice on what to take too

  2. Beautiful photos! I have to admit I had never heard of it before but after reading your post, Tulum has made it’s way on to my bucket list. So thank youu :))

  3. Wow! This looks like a great day trip. I love exploring ancient ruins, even better to be able to do that in the Caribbean. So glad you included links, I’ll definitely be checking them out for more information!

  4. Hello from one to Canuck to another..I was raised in Vancouver….well the suburbs..Surrey. I miss it so bad! I have been dying to see Tulum..I hear its fab and your pics show that for sure! Ive been to Puerto Vallarta..loved that!

  5. I have Tulum on my list because of the ruins- I love to visit archeoastronomy sites- but I also love the locale and of course, the beaches. Odd question, but for our trip I really want to do a cenote, but my fiance has a fear of water. I have helped him get to the point where he is fine as long as he can see and feel the bottom, but if he has to swim or doesn’t know how much water there is he won’t even go near it (he can swim). It looked like someone was wlaking in that photo you have? How deep is the cenote on this tour that you took?

    1. On this one I was able to see the bottom! As far as I can tell, it really depends on the cenote but this one was crystal clear and I could touch the bottom on some sections!

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