August 23, 2017

What To Do // Lighthouse Park

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Located just a 30 minutes outside of Downtown Vancouver, Lighthouse Park is a peaceful place to take a picnic and relax. Old growth trees line the pathways and the views from the water are stunning. The Park is a favourite amongst both locals and tourists, with many people making it a day trip and exploring all the trails that the Park has to offer.

Luckily the Park is easy to get to by both transit and car, so everyone has an opportunity to visit. If taking a bus from the Downtown Core, the 250 to Horseshoe Bay until WB Marine Dr. at Beacon Lane. Once you get off of at that stop, continue along Beacon Lane until the entrance to Lighthouse Park. By Car, head to Lions Gate and then along Marine Drive until Beacon Lane. There is a parking provided within the park gates but be careful of the the road as it can be very bumpy.

The trail map at the entrance to the Park can be very helpful with the overall view of the Park but all the trails are marked and easy to follow. The wide trail just beyond the entrance is the one that is most used buy there are several others that head off the path to beautiful view points. However, if following the main path, it will take you to the Park’s name stake. A beautiful red and white lighthouse that has been in use since the 1870s. Not only is is a recognized landmark in the Greater Vancouver area, it is also a national historical site as well as a Rockfish Protection Area.

The ease of getting their as well as the beauty the Park holds makes Lighthouse Park is a must do on an trip to Vancouver. Depending on the time of year or the weather, bringing a picnic and watching the sunset is a MUST! Let me know what your favourite things to do in Vancouver are!


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10 thoughts on “What To Do // Lighthouse Park

  1. I am a born and raised Vancouverite and I’ve only been to Lighthouse Park once! This post is a good reminder that I should get back out there sometime soon. My fave Vancouver thing is a good sunset at Jericho Beach or watching a C’s game at Nat Bailey.

  2. Wow, it looks (and sounds) like a really nice place to visit for a day trip. I bet I could spend a lot of time there taking photos, especially if there is a nice sunset!

  3. The Lighthouse Park looks beautiful! I have been to Vancouver when I was around 10 years old and as I am reading your post, I try hard to think if I’ve been to the Lighthouse but I really can’t remember lol. I’ll have to revisit as I do remember Vancouver looks beautiful in the summer

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