April 10, 2017

Visual Diary // Australia


Photography has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Creating images that hold a memory are important because you will have them for years to come. Instead of collecting item’s that might be tossed away someday, photographs can be held digitally and physically. So here is a collection of photos from my trip to Australia’s East Coast.

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7 thoughts on “Visual Diary // Australia

  1. Australia is one place I need to visit soon! Heard so many nice things about it, and your photos make me want to go head out there sooner than later 🙂 I think i’ll be too scared to go near the kangaroos though! Don’t they kick you or something? Lol.

    1. You definitely should check out Australia soon! I wasn’t 100% sure about travelling there but once I got there I loved it so much! Wild kangaroos you probably shouldn’t go up to try and pet but they wouldn’t go out of their way to kick you lol ☺️

  2. It’s so true what you say about photography! Looking back over my photos from a trip is the best way to reconnect to that place and those memories. This looks like an amazing adventure!

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