February 25, 2017

The Importance of Self Care



When I was in university, I took seven courses. Although the program I was in took only two years to complete, I was at school 8 to 5, Monday to Friday, September to May. To someone looking from the outside it may seem like I’m over exaggerating but unfortunately I am not.

During these long days at school with piles of homework, I did not take care of my self. I put off going to the gym, I ate food that was not healthy, I slept five hours a night, I never took time to mentally recooperate from the long days. These things took a toll on my body, making me sluggish and always tired. What did I do? I kept on ignoring it, thinking that it would all be over soon enough.

In my second semester, I crashed and burned. After an especially long day on campus, I was there finishing a term project from 7 am to 2am, I got on my bus home and started to feel a deep pit form in my stomach. This was my lowest of lows. I remember silently crying the whole way home and when I go into bed I could fall asleep because I was crying too much. After this I knew I needed to change something, I could not go on living like this, pretending everything was alright.

That weekend, I gave myself an hour to do whatever I wanted. Anything from watching my favourite YouTubers to taking a nice long bath. I started giving myself a curfew of 11pm on nights so I would be able to be fully rested when I work up for classes the next morning. Reading about self care and the importance of self care became a big part of my commute, each ride I learned something new about why self care played a role in our development.

So here is a list of things that I found helped me when I needed some self care!

  • Take yourself out on a date
  • Make time to love yourself
  • Read a book or listen to music
  • Spend time with people you love
  • Have an at home spa day complete with nail care, a facial, bubble bath and full pampering
  • Plan your week around what you want to accomplish
  • Buy yourself flowers
  • Have a conversation in person with someone who interests you
  • Go to bed early

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