December 11, 2017

Self Care for the Holiday’s

Taking care of yourself can be difficult. Throw in the busy Holiday schedule and it seems a little overwhelming. However, most people don’t realize just how important taking care of yourself is. Here are a few ways I make it easier.

Eat your greens and treat yourself. A green juice or smoothie, a good book, and a face mask go a long way during busy and stressful times. Taking time out for yourself to give you exactly what your body needs is important. Especially when sweet drinks and fizzy drinks are a majority of the Holiday diet.

Have lazy days. When your feeling overwhelmed, have a night in and just relax. Curl up in your PJ’s and pop in a dvd (Here are a few suggestions). Zoning out and relaxing can help you feel more rested and stress free in the days to come.

Breath in, breath out. Essential oils from places like Vitruvi or Saje Wellness can help you sleep, relax or focus. Even just breathing in these scents can help you remain calm during stressful or tiring days.

Pick some flowers. Or just buy them. Flower’s can help brighten your house and add a little pop of colour. My personal favourites are tulips when they are in season.

xx Sara


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