December 2, 2017

Pass It On


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

Do you have a memory of someone else doing something nice for you? Whether it be a family member bringing you flowers when you are stressed out with exams or a complete stranger buying your coffee because you don’t have enough change, that small action can change your mood. I have always been of the mind that although these actions can cost little to nothing and take so little time out of your day to do but they can make a real difference to someone’s day. Especially during the Holidays, it is just an added part of Christmas cheer!

The phrase “pass it along” comes to mind when I think of these actions. It means that when someone does something nice for you, you in turn do something else for someone else. Random acts of kindness. Doing these actions in the hope that the world can become a better due to these actions. In the world we live in today, sometimes it seems like that may be a difficult task but I can ensure that even one action can make it just a little better for someone.

Feeling lost for idea’s of how to start doing these random acts of kindness? Here are a few idea’s of how to do this: Hold open the door for someone, buy the person’s drink in front of you, ask an elderly person if they need assistance, send flowers to someone you know, reach out to an old friend, send a thank you letter to someone who is making a difference in the world, donate food to a local food bank. The opportunities and idea’s are endless but no matter which act you do it is sure to make that person or persons feel happier and hopefully do something for another person.

It is not only about doing something else for someone else but it also makes you feel good inside. So while you make someone else good, you also feel better yourself. Who would say no to that? Let me know if you have done any random acts of kindness or if you have been on the receiving end of one of these acts of kindness down in the comments below!

xx Sara

This post is the second instalment of my series “25 Days of Christmas”. A post a day will be published every day until Christmas Day. 

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