March 27, 2017

Off We Go!

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After being back in Vancouver for two weeks, I’m off again. Hey, if you take a semester to travel, you may as well take advantage of it. I was so happy to have this opportunity to travel back to the United Kingdom and Ireland with my Grandma.

Travelling with my Grandma? I have travelled with her multiple times. The two of us were always close growing up and I have learned so much from her. Having her around when I was growing up made me appreciate my childhood. It also made me more aware of her childhood and growing up. Now, going back to where she grew up, I’m going to have a chance to learn more and record it all so that, when she’s gone, I can have an opportunity to remember her stories so that they can live on.

On to a lighter topic (I promise!!), I get to visit another country that I haven’t been to yet. I have heard so much about Ireland but I am just so excited to see it first hand and meet some new people over beer at the pub. My Grandma and I are heading on a train tour around the southern countryside and then to spend a day up in Northern Ireland, visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Giant’s Causeway.

Then off to visit family and friends in Scotland and England! If you have any insights or suggestions, I would love to hear your recommendations in the comments below.

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12 thoughts on “Off We Go!

  1. Make sure to check out Inch and Fanore beaches! If you’re looking for homey pubs, check out the pubs in Doolin, a small town near the cliffs of Moher! I live in Galway and one of my favourite things to do on the weekend is drive along the Atlantic way and stop at many beaches and eat at quaint little-known cafés.

  2. Have fun! Ireland is high on my bucket list as this is where my late stepfather always wanted to go. We intend to take a family trip there to spread his ashes. I can’t wait to see the beautiful country

  3. Nice airplane shots! I have never been to the UK to visit before, just for transit but I look forward to visiting someday, especially for the pubs. Be sure to provide pictures from your trip on your next post. Happy trails with your grandma!

  4. Wow sounds fantastic, miss my lovely nan so much wish I could go away with her. My gramps is great fun, used to go on holiday with him but bless him now he struggles to walk to the local shops. Have an amazing time in N Ireland.

  5. How fun to travel with your grandma. Those will be special memories. I loved Ireland! My advice is to stop at small local places and get off the beaten track as much as possible! Meet the locals, they are wonderful 🙂

  6. How exciting! I’ve never been to Ireland but photos of it make it look completely beautiful! I love traveling with grandma too – we went to Italy together and it was so much fun! Have a blast!

  7. That’s so great you’re travelling with your Grandma! I wish mine was that up for travel :). It’ll be so lovely to have her show you some stuff. I live in Scotland and I love it! Hope you have a great trip!

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