July 11, 2017

My Experience in Australia


If I don’t have a trip planned, I get a sense of uneasiness. Not that I feel uncomfortable about where I live, but I just want to explore, know more about different people, cultures, and things.

In October, after realizing that my internship wasn’t going to become anything more, I booked a trip to Australia. Just a return ticket from Vancouver to Brisbane. Other than visiting family in Brisbane and Canberra, I had no idea what else I was going to do.

Traditionally, the trip up Australia’s East Coast is what a first-time backpacker does, so naturally, that was what I had to do. Instead of doing it by myself, I choose to do it with a Canadian-based tour company called “G Adventures.” The tour that I did start in Sydney and made its way up to Cape Tribulation in the North. At 18 days long, it covered the majority of the East Coast.

My journey, itself, was above my expectations. I had that chance to witness some incredible sights and be part of epic experiences. However, some places that I had always loved the idea of, I did not enjoy the actual place. No matter where in the world, this will always happen.

When I got back home, the most asked question was always where was your favourite place? Answering this questions has been difficult because how can I pick just a single location, each place I visited was so different. From the countryside to the sandy beaches to the busy cities. So my favourite countryside town? Anywhere in the Atherton Tablelands (especially Yungaburra). Favourite sandy beach? Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsunday Islands. Favourite city? Brisbane. Favourite relaxing place? Toss up between Fraser Island and Palm Beach.

Traveling in Australia has been one of my favourite adventures yet. It was a chance to see family and friends as well as seeing landscapes like none I’d seen before.

So I’d like to share three things that I have learned while traveling in Australia.

1. Sunscreen is your best friend. There is no such thing as too much sunscreen. The ozone above Australia is fragile, so the sun is harsher as compared to the sun elsewhere in the world. Make sure to seek shade, wear protective clothing, keep a bottle of water near you, and reapply sunscreen every hour or so.

2. Spending too much or too little can spoil a vacation. This one is very personal to me and can be so different for each. But I found with past holidays that if I skipped out on activities because of the cost, I often regretted it. But if I spent too much on whatever else (things that I didn’t need like drinks or ice cream) I also regretted it. So finding a happy middle ground is so important. For me, I choose to spend more on experiences like snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef than going out for every meal.

3. Say yes to new experiences. This one speaks for itself. However, a note on this, please make sure you know what activities are and are not covered by your medical insurance.

Have you been to Australia? Let me know about your experience there!

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