December 7, 2017

Gift Guide: Hostess Edition


When you are going to holiday parties at friend’s and family’s homes, do you alway’s struggle with what to give the person hosting the party? Sure there is the traditional bottle of wine or bouquet of flower’s, but how about something creative and thoughtful that you do not have to spend a fortune on? I have got you covered! So here is a gift guide for what to get the hostess or host of your next Holiday party!

Photo from Pinterest

Potted Cactus or Succulents. These are quite unique in that they add some green to their place as well as stick around much longer that flower’s.


Photo from Love Grows Wild

Mason Jar filled with dry ingredient’s for Hot Chocolate (Bonus points if you add a plane size bottle of Bailey’s or Peppermint Schnapps).

A photo of the two of you or your group of friend’s in a pretty frame (There are some inexpensive and classy one’s available from Ikea or Michael’s).

Holiday Baking in a box. This is also a great idea for neighbour’s or teacher’s. Put together a variety go Holiday treat’s in either a box or a Christmas Tupperware containers (Yes, they do have such a thing).

Photo from A Rose Cast

A really thoughtful card. I love writing cars, and there is nothing better than receiving one. So pick out a beautiful card and share a few memories and thoughts with that person.

Hope these gift idea’s have been useful! Comment down below what your go to gift’s for hosts or hostesses are!

xx Sara

This post is the seventh instalment of my series “25 Days of Christmas”. A post a day will be published every day until Christmas Day. 

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