September 26, 2017

Eating Healthy While Travelling


Being healthy while travelling is not always the easiest thing. There is only so many veggie burgers and salads a girl can eat! Although I am not one to say no to treats or sweets on vacation, there is something to be said about balance.  Unfortunately, I do not have any groundbreaking to say on the subject, but I do have some tried and true tricks on how to help with the quest of eating healthier while on vacation.

Tip #1: Check the Menu. Although tempting as it is to have the cheese fries and double-decker burger, it probably is not the best thing in the world. Try and steer clear of things on the menu that says “creamy” or “fried”, try to choose things that are “grilled”, “steamed” or “baked”. That being said, a little this and a little that won’t hurt especially if you are treating yourself on vacation. This being said, I would like to stress that if you are going to a place where they traditionally serve pasta like Italy or Empanadas while in Chile, go out and try the traditional foods that are served in that country. Besides if you are going to visit a country, you may as well fully experience it.

Tip #2: Snacks on snacks. Instead of the urge to grab a candy bar or a caramel iced coffee, reach for a snack from your bag. Not only does this help you keep on track with healthy eating but it also helps save a few extra bucks. When I arrive at a new destination, one of the first things I do after settling in is pop in a grocery store and grab a few snacks. My go to’s are fresh fruit, a trail mix, or an oat/granola bar. Put them in your bag, and you are ready to go!

Tip #3: Water, water, water. As much as I love coffee, I know that isn’t the best thing for me. What I mean is that I can’t have it every single second of every single day (as sad as it is). Another thing I add to my purse is a reusable water bottle. Not only is it cheaper than having to buy a plastic water bottle and better for the environment, but it is also nice to have on hand to conquer any cravings you might have.

Tip #4: Don’t skip meals. I am a firm believer in not skipping meals! It may seem like a good idea at the time, but it won’t do much good in the long run. I find it tends to lead to overeating at the next meal. However, if find yourself not in the mood to eat, try just a small meal. Even if it is just a bit of yoghurt and fruit or a piece of peanut butter, try to fit a bit of protein in there to keep you from crashing later on in the day.

Tip #5: Ditch the sugar. I am not referring to the sweet treats that you may or may not indulge; I am talking about the sugar that hides in your drinks. Try to avoid the drinks with things such as simple syrup and cream in them. Although one might not be the worst thing in the world, try to stick to everything in moderation. When going out while travelling, I stick to soda water and vodka (classy, I know). Another good choice is wine, because who doesn’t love a glass or two of crisp, white wine!

If you have any tips on how you stay healthy while on the right, let me know in the comments down below!

xx Sara

10 thoughts on “Eating Healthy While Travelling

  1. I carry my S’well bottle with me everywhere so I can always refill it with water! Having a snack bar is also really important! I agree it’s important to eat healthy when traveling!

  2. I do love some wine, esp on vacation – i think for me, when traveling I always try to start the day with a good healthy high in protein breakfast. also if i know i am going to be eating some junk lets say for lunch, then i will eat healthier at dinner. Trying to exercise or go for a long walk (great way to explore a new place) is a great thing to make time for on vacation

  3. Water is such an important tip, and also don’t be afraid to take the stairs! So many of these tourist attractions have a walk-up option and helps you work off the tourist pounds haha 🙂

  4. I am guilty of not drinking enough water, and bringing a reusable bottle definitely keeps me in check. Totally agree with never skipping a meal and trying out the local/traditional food. It’s always so sad when people go for generic foods that you could get anywhere instead of trying out something new! Thank you for sharing your tips!

  5. I’m so much healthier when I don’t travel. I cook nearly all my own meals and go to the fresh local open air market whenever I can to get the goods, fruits and veggies. It’s so hard to do the same when moving around from city to city or on an extended holiday in a new country or place. thanks for the motivation though! your food photos are healthy and still so TEMPTING!!

  6. I have a hard time trying to eat healthy while traveling. It’s not a big deal if I’m only traveling for a few days, but I can feel the difference after a week or more of not enough nutrients. Buying some healthy snacks to bring along while out and about is a great idea! I usually try to find a place that makes smoothies packed with lots of good stuff.

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