September 20, 2017

Changing Your Mindset


Although life seems to have ups and downs, it never makes those downs any easier. Last month there was a period where one thing after another seemed to go wrong. I have always tried to keep an upbeat attitude during those below average times, but it ‘s hard. That month has come and gone, so I have made my peace with it. To get my head back to the right place, I developed different things to get me back to my happy place and to get back to peace during that time.

Whenever I was getting down, I’d take myself out of the situation or head space that was making me unhappy. It sounds easier than it is but this is the first step to making yourself feel better. The next thing I would do is remove all electronics from the area around me. Not only does it eliminate any distractions but it also helps improve the mood. Social media and electronics are proven to lead to lower self-esteem, anxiety in social situations as well as depression. Scrolling through inspiration and new connections but if you are not in a great place, it can lead to you feeling worse. After everything is out of your space, writing or drawing can be the best way to get out your emotions. Having those feelings down on a page helps your emotions leave your head and hopefully put your mind at ease.

Starting getting those feelings or details about your situation can help you start to feel better about what is going on. Now that you are starting to feel better, do something that makes you feel good about yourself whether it is physical or emotional. Go out on a walk with your Mom to get a treat or treat yourself to an at home spa session or go out and draw what you see in nature. My life is every bit as complicated and crazy as the next person, but I have luckily never had any issues that could not be solved without my support system in place and a good amount of patience. Regardless the point, just remembers that no issue is too small. If you feel lost and alone, reach out to someone to talk it through with. A parent, sibling, friend, teacher, a social worker. They can listen to you and try to help you. Just remember downs in life happen, but there are also always ups when you least expect them.

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