December 5, 2017

A Guide to Surviving The Holiday’s


So its the holiday season. From work parties to Christmas shopping in crowed malls to lengthy family get tother’s, it can be a fun but tiring time of the year. With that being said, most of us have other duties like work or final exams for university so a combination of stress and long nights can catch up to you before long. In order to make sure that you remain in one healthy piece over the holiday season, here are a few of my favourite tips on how to survive the holiday’s.

Switch out wine for water. Hydration is important for so many reasons. It can help flush out toxins, improves your skin’s complexion, and plays a very important role in your body’s overall well being. While I’m not saying to only drink plain ice water over the holiday season, just be mindful of the effects alcohol can have after a couple of glasses. Looking to switch to something that maybe won’t take as big of a toll on your system? Try vodka soda with lime or Perrier with gin! Of course that being said, everything in moderation. Don’t think four Perrier and Gin’s are equivalent to one glass of red wine. Just don’t do it.

Get Enough Sleep. Health expert’s recommend seven to nine hours of sleep per nigh. Every one needs sleep. It helps your body heal and boost energy for the day ahead. It’s okay to go the occasional night with little to now sleep but doing so every single night for a long time probably isn’t doing you too many favours.

Saying No is Okay. During the Holiday’s, the number of events/parties/night’s out increase two fold. Before RSVP’ing ‘Yes’ to your next event, think about how many other event’s you have going on that week. If you have four other events to go to that week, maybe try to take the night off and chill. When you send a ‘No’ to an event, always make sure to send your thank’s to the host of the event so they are sure to invite you again next year! A good way to do this is by sending a thoughtful email or card.

Balance. The Holiday’s are known for their delicious, amazing food, but with that amazing food comes the tendency to over indulge. We have all been there. Coming off of the fourth  visit to the treat table, maybe try to pull away and balance out those treats with some fruit and veggies.

Don’t Give Up on Exercise. Although free time is a little scare during the Holiday’s, try to exercise in whatever way possible! During the Holiday’s I try to go before school or work to avoid that afternoon struggle of pulling myself away from whatever I am doing to do some form of exercise. But doing this doesn’t mean going to the gym! Try and walk where ever you can. The fresh air will help you fall asleep faster and the walking definitely counts as exercise!

I hope you found these tips helpful! Let me know in the comment’s down below what your tips are for staying healthy and grounded during the Holiday’s!

xx Sara

This post is the fifth instalment of my series “25 Days of Christmas”. A post a day will be published every day until Christmas Day. 

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