April 3, 2017

A Day In My Life // Travel Edition


Welcome to the first post in my new series called “A Day In My Life.” Each post in this series focuses on what a day in my life looks like depending on the situation I am in. Why write about this? I find it interesting how people organize their day, it makes me wonder how I can improve my day to maximize the time I have in my day. 

If you have been following me on Instagram, you know that I made the trek from Vancouver to Dublin last week. As I was flying later in the day so that meant I could do all the things I needed to do before leaving on my month long trip.

7:30am – Wake up time! Since I’m trying to adjust to the later time zone, I am waking up earlier than I normally do on the weekend. 

7:45am – Skincare before a flight it critical. I always wash my face with a gentle cleanser and put on a light moisturizer after. Keeping hyrdrated throughout the day is always vital because airlines try to give you enough water but you never have enough to hydrate yourself for the full flight. 

8:30am – Gym time. Time to get a quick workout, about 60 minutes, in because exercise is a great way to tire yourself out before a flight. I try to do 40 minutes of cardio and the rest of the time on stretching & strengthening because you don’t really stand up on a flight (especially if you are sitting by the window or in the middle). 

9:55am – When I get home, my mom and I take the dogs out for a quick trail walk in the mountains near my house. After all they need a walk need a walk and fresh air helps you to fall asleep faster. Also it is another excuse to spend time with my mom before I head off. 

10:25am – Exchange money, grab a healthy airplane snack, have a shower so I don’t smell on the flight. Basically my time to do whatever I forgot to do in the days leading up to departure. When I grab snacks for the flight, it is for two reasons. The first reason is so I do not pay too much in the airport and the second reason is so I can have healthier option besides chips and Kit Kat bars. 

11:45am – Lunch time. As the flight to London is nine hours, I tried not to eat anything too heavy. Today I have the #1 Green Juice from Glory Juice in North Vancouver and a salad with quinoa, kale, spinach, feta, chickpeas, and all the veggies. I find that lunch is the best way to load up on veggies without trying. 

12:30pm – Final run through of what I have packed for the month. Even though I am only bringing a carry-on suitcase, I feel like everything I could possibly need for a month (except for maybe meeting the Queen) is in there.

1:00pm – Lounge time with my sister and the two dogs before heading out. My sister, Alana, is always one of the first people I miss when I go away traveling so leading up to going away, I like to spend as much time with her as I can. 

2:20pm – Head off to the airport. My mom and I head to pick up my Grandma before going off to the airport for the flight. Luckily traffic is not too bad so we make it to departures in record time.

3:45pm – Made it past sercurity and sitting in the Maple Leaf lounge at the Vancouver International Airport. This is the first time I have been in an airport lounge before and it was a pretty cool experience! Free magazines and newspapers, drinks and food, along with places to just sit and relaxing before heading off to a variety of different locations. 

6:00pm – Time to board the flight and now I am off for a new adventure! 

If you travel often or even just enjoy the occasional trip, I’d love to hear about how you spend the day leading up to a trip! Just leave me a comment down below about how you spend it. 

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35 thoughts on “A Day In My Life // Travel Edition

  1. I love this kinds of posts! It is interesting to see how someone lives their day before a flight. I am usually in my pajamas packing last minutes until I have to leave the house πŸ˜‰ hahaha
    Also your puppies are SO cute!!

  2. I love the glass with the airline logo. I am guessing you flew business? In economy I got plastic cups on Air Canada πŸ˜› Checking out the lounge also sounds like an interesting thing to experience!

  3. Hey girl! I love what you did before boarding the flight. You really hydrated yourself and got a good workout in there. That’s perfect. You’re set to a be pro πŸ˜€ I’m just putting out the good vibes for you to meet The Queen! Have fun.

  4. Hey fellow Canadian. I’m Charmaine and I now live on the other side of the world in Hong Kong. I think this is a cool series you have started – and I’m so impressed how hard you work before your flight! God, making time for a workout before your flight is a really good idea – because you’re stuck up in the air for so long! Thanks for the tips and sharing!

  5. This is soooo cute! I loved reading every bit! This is so amazing to see how different people prepare for a flight! See I binge eat on crisps and a heavy meal to help me sleep to ease with the Time Zones lol! Your pups are adorable! Bet you miss them even more than you miss your sister secretly :p

    I keep a day-to-day diary ever since I’ve been away from home (almost two years) and it’s such a great way to look back and see what you’ve done and how much you changed! Great post I loved it!

  6. It was interesting reading about your pre-flight skincare routine. I agree, staying hydrated is so important!

    I’ve been in the Maple Leaf Lounge a few times too. It’s a cool experience! πŸ™‚

  7. What a unique idea for a blog post series! I would love to see how your daily routine changes in Dublin and beyond. Good on you for being so organized before a long-haul flight (and spending time with your mom) <3

  8. Wow, you are able to get a lot of things done before your flight! Usually, I’m running around last minute trying to buy things or do an extra load of laundry to make sure there weren’t any pieces of clothing that I left behind!

  9. You’re so much more put together than me. I’m usually running around and just barely having time for anything else while buying stuff last minute before a trip! I always unplug everything too. πŸ˜‰

  10. Looks like you had an absolutely brilliant day. And a great idea for a post as well! πŸ™‚ Best of luck on your new adventures! Can’t wait to follow you πŸ™‚

  11. Loved your article. It’s really interesting finding out how others prep before a flight. If I go away, I usually fly out first thing in the morning so basically get out of bed and go!

  12. I’m not that organised. My husband is, he’s engineering precise, I crash from one thing to another but always get there in the end. Love hearing how others sort themselves.

  13. Love this! I also think it’s super interesting to read about how others organize their time. You were so productive that day! I would probably only be able to accomplish half of that. And your dogs are super cute!

  14. Wow…yes, a bit of skin care and gym before travel will help you with long haul flights… It will definitely help you with dry skin and lips! Nicely written and good pics btw :)..

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