June 9, 2017

72 Hours In Sydney

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Having visited Sydney, Australia this year, I was very excited to see one of the most well-known cities in the world. But, there was one catch, I only had 72 hours in the city. Of course, I couldn’t possibly fit everything into such a short period so I had to google and plan what I would do. So after making it through those 72 hours, both seeing a lot and enjoying my time, I thought I would share that information with those of you in a similar situation or want some ideas for what to do in Syndey.

Day #1
Morning! Spend time walking through Darling Harbour’s stunning green spaces on your way to Sydney’s Hyde Park. Make your way to the fountain in the centre of the park to reserve your spot on the $17 Bus Tour of the city. Be there around 9:30 am to get a place and then wander around the park or get a coffee before heading off on the bus tour which meets back at the fountain around 9:55 am. The tour has a couple of photo spots and has live commentary that points out interesting facts and famous people’s houses. The last stop of the tour is Bondi Beach; I would recommend stopping and staying here. Be sure to let the bus driver know you will be staying in Bondi otherwise they will keep trying to find you.

Bondi Beach is a beautiful place with different shades of blue in the Ocean. Either you can stay on Bondi Beach and relax or head along the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Trail, you can read my post on the trail here.

Ready for lunch yet? My favourite place was called Speedos Cafe. It has a great menu with a view of Bondi Beach. The impressive thing about Bondi is that there were some great food options from restaurants to quick, fast food.

Take on of the Sydney public transit buses to the Circular Quay which is close to the Rocks. The Rock’s is home to Sydney’s most historic sites. From there you can visit Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House. At the Opera House, you can choose to go inside and take a tour of the architecture and history of this UNESCO World Heritage site. After the walk around by the Opera House, head back to your hostel or hotel and relax after a busy day.

Day #2

Note: If you want to spend more time at Bondi Beach, take the last section of day #1 and do it in the morning of day #2.

Sydney’s city centre is very busy with lots of different shops and places to see. Spend the morning in and around the central business district (also known as the CBD). Slowly make your way to the Rock’s, the place you visited last night, and hop on a boat to visit the historic Cockatoo Island. Cockatoo Island was first used in 1839 as a convict prison for prisoners coming from England or any of the other colonies. Later on, the island was used as a shipyard during the war and later as a historical attraction. This island does have a dark past so be aware of this before heading on to this island. Spend as little or as much time on the island as you want, it is an interesting place with a lot of history, so it is a good idea to take your time exploring.

After coming back from Cockatoo Island by boat, continue walking around to soak in the culture and sights around the city. There are usually activities happening around the waterfront so check out the tourism offices around the city.

Day #3

Ready for your last day in Sydney? No? I felt the same way. Today, head to Manly Beach just outside the city and is one of the most picturesque places in the city. This beach is a day trip so bring a beach towel, sunscreen, water, and head to the beach! There is a grouping of shopping stores so if you get bored while hanging at the beach, make your way up there and walk around the stores. After enjoying the third and final day in the city, enjoy the journey back to your accommodation and grab one last fantastic meal in one of the many restaurants’s the city has to offer.

I hope you have enjoyed my post on what to do in Sydney in only 72 hours. If you think there is anything else that people should be seeing or doing while in the city, leave a comment down below.

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11 thoughts on “72 Hours In Sydney

  1. I’d absolutely love to visit Sydney, I’ve been thinking about booking a trip next year. Bondi Beach looks amazing, it was a shame you only had 72 hours there but it sounds like you squeezed a lot in! xo

  2. Ah I love Sydney! Bondi and Coogee beach are amazing right? How long were you in Australia for? Really like your pictures aswell!

  3. I grew up in Sydney, and even though I travel all the time, I still love it –
    there’s no place like it anywhere else in the world. I totally agree with all your recommendations, and Speedos is probably the best cafe in Bondi, so I’m super-glad you found it! Glad you loved Sydney as much as I do 🙂

  4. I haven’t been to Australia yet, but love this itinerary! Sometimes I find that limiting the amount of time I have in a certain location helps me to really figure out what I want to see and motivates me to see as much as possible! I’m glad you found time to go to the beach…it’s my happy place!

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