January 4, 2017

7 Must-Do Travel Experiences

    1. Road Trip across the country or the continent that you live in.
    2. If your Grandparent or Parent is from another country, go back with them and have them show you around. Not only does this let you have a chance to spend time with them, you also get to learn more about them and listen to their stories.
    3. Go on a boat and see the coastline.
    4. Disneyland or Disney World. It is truly one of the happiest place’s on Earth.
    5. A fitness or spa retreat. My mom, sister and I are planning on doing this for my Mom’s upcoming birthday. This is a nice way to relax away from your home.
    6. Backpack around a country. Doing this by yourself allows you to meet more new people and maybe have experiences you wouldn’t have if you were with someone else.
    7. Visit a site of an important event or an area that is culturally significant. This summer I had the fortune of visiting the ruins in Tulum and Chichen Itza, being able to take a tour of the site and learning more about the culture opened my eyes.

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