January 26, 2018

2018 Travel Bucket List

I am convinced that 2018 will be the year that I will check all the places off my travel bucket list. Last year, I was able to check off most of them, but there is always the few elusive places that you never seem to have the time or the money to get to. Below is what is on list this year and since I did not have any photos of these incredible destinations, I chose a few off of Instagram! If love these photo’s as much as I do, you can check those people out but clicking the photo and it will take you straight to their Instagram account. I hope you enjoy my post!

Photo taken by Sonja Saxe (@thenationalparksgirl)

The Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States of America

The Grand Canyon is one of the places that’s high up on my bucket list! With grand views and majestic landscape, it is one of the more beautiful natural wonder’s of the world.

Photo taken by Ivana Curkovic (@ivanacurkovic)


I’m a bit of a history nerd. Since I’ve travelled to most of Western and Central Europe, I knew that it was time for me to go somewhere else that I hadn’t been but has intrigued me since High School history. Serbia has such an interesting history for such a relatively newly country so it put it on the map for places to travel to in 2018. I have booked a trip here for May so stay tuned for posts related to my time there!

Photo taken by Kael Rebick (@punkodelish)

Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

I’ve travelled far and wide but I haven’t haven’t explore much in “my own back yard”. Tofino is only three or so hours away from Vancouver so it is quite shameful that I have not been. Sometime so I’ll be booking a trip and maybe surfing lessons as well.

Photo taken by Terezka (@temperaturka)


This is another place I’ve heard so much about but have never been. I’ve talked to quite a few people about their travels plans this year and most of them seem to include some part of Croatia. Either sailing the Islands or walking through Dubrovnik, each place in this remarkable country is unique and ready to be explored.

Photo taken by Jeinhard (@jeinhard)

Sri Lanka

This is a long shot for any travel plans this year but this place is far up there. From relaxing on the beaches to helping on Elephant sanctuaries, it is a dream destination. It is a little bit off the beaten track for most traveler which is why it makes this the perfect destination.

If you have ever been to any of these places, let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to hear more about your experiences and thoughts on this places.

xx Sara

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18 thoughts on “2018 Travel Bucket List

  1. I’ve been to Croatia & it really is beautiful, I’ve visited Dubrovnik & Split and Split is outstanding! I’d love to visit Sri Lanka soon too!


  2. Great list! Sri Lanka is at the top of my list as well. I hope you get to visit them all this year! The Grand Canyon is unlike anything you have ever seen, so worth a visit.

  3. Those are all great 2018 travel bucket list! And I can attest to all of these fabulous places as I’ve been to all of them! You will have a blast exploring all these countries!

  4. For me it is Turkey and Iceland in 2018. Though i don’t think i’ll be able to do any of them but fingers crossed! All the best achieving yours 🙂

  5. Great bucket list! Weirdly, of all places, I haven’t been to the Grand Canyon yet either – and it’s in my home country. I really need to make that happen! And I’m with you on Croatia, too. It’s a beautiful country, and has a fascinating history. Good luck checking them all off your list!

  6. I have some of these same places on my bucket list! I’ve been reading so many amazing things about Sri Lanka that I’m really considering going. I probably have to narrow my choice down to one major trip this year since I’ve already burned through 1/3 of my vacation time and it’s such a hard choice.

  7. I’ve been to Grand Canyon and yes, the landscape is stunningly beautiful. When you go and plan to stay in the park, make sure you book your room in advance. They’re gone fast. I assume you will go to the South side, right? There will be free shuttle inside the park that will take you around. Enjoy sunset at Yaki Point and sunrise Ooh-Aah Point. I heard Bright Angel Trail is great, too. We only went up to between 1st and 2nd stop because we did it after lunch. Wrong time! It’s hot already. (We went early June). There are so much we haven’t done yet. We plan to go back and do the rafting and cycling.

  8. Tofino is so beautiful! I had never really heard much about it until my friends and I planned a camping trip there and I was just blown away by how gorgeous it was.

    The Grand Canyon was on top of my bucket list for 2017 and it was definitely the highlight of my year to visit. <3

  9. What an amazing travel bucket list ! I’ve only been to the vast, magnificent and inarguably beautiful Grand Canyon 🙂 This is a natural wonder that you simply have to see to believe 🙂

  10. Tofino is great, but I wouldn’t recommend going in August. The locals call it “Fogust” for a reason. I went in August and the fog is so dense that it makes the beaches eerie and disorienting. Fun but not ideal for a first trip to Tofino because it’s such a fun place to go! I too would love to visit Croatia someday, it just looks so amazing.

  11. I want to go to several of those locations as well. I’m hoping to make it to the Grand Canyon this fall. Hoping you get to visit several of them if not all.

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